Changes to Executive Orders (1096, 1097, and 1098)

A California Court of Appeal ruled (in a case involving another university) that students accused of sexual misconduct who face severe discipline (expulsion or suspension) at any California university have the right to a hearing to cross-examine (question), directly or indirectly, their accusers and other witnesses if witness credibility is “central” to the case. Until now, the University process did not include a hearing.

The CSU Chancellor's Office revised Executive Orders 1096, 1097, and 1098, to ensure compliance with the new legal requirements. The Executive Orders (Revised March 29, 2019) are linked below. In particular, please review the addendum to the policy [Article III.B.7-9 for 1097 or ArticleIII.C.7-9 for 1096].

Please view the Title IX Policy Process Map for a visual representation of the Executive Order changes.