Confidential Support Options

Campus Advocate Team

The Humboldt Campus Advocate Team (CAT) is staffed by North Coast Rape Crisis Team. No information shared with them is released to anyone without your consent. They are available to meet on campus, even during COVID-19. CAT works with the university, but not for Humboldt. Who CAT works for is survivors of sexual assault, stalking, dating and domestic violence, and sexual and gender based harassment.

  • Phone: (707) 445-2881 (24/7)
  • Text: (707) 382-5174 (M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm)
  • CAT Website

Additional Information

For those that have experienced sexual misconduct or other inappropriate behavior, some may feel more comfortable talking about reporting options with a confidential resource.

This information is intended to make you aware of the various reporting and confidential disclosure options available to you – so you can make informed choices about where to turn for help. It’s your right to decide who to tell.

We encourage victims of sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence, or stalking to talk to someone about what happened – so you can get the support you need, and so the University can respond appropriately. Whether – and the extent to which – a University employee may agree to maintain confidentiality (and not disclose information to the Title IX Coordinator) depends on the employee’s position and responsibilities at the University.

Some employees are required by law to maintain near complete confidentiality; talking to them is sometimes called a “privileged communication.” Other employees may talk to a victim in confidence, and generally only report to the University that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information.

Most employees are required to report all details of an incident (including the identities of both the victim and alleged perpetrator) to the Title IX Coordinator. A report to these employees constitutes a report to the University, and generally creates a legal obligation for the University to investigate the incident and take appropriate steps to address the situation.

Conversations with the people and entities listed below are considered "privileged communication" with some exceptions listed at the very bottom.

North Coast Rape Crisis Team

North Coast Rape Crisis Team

The North Coast Rape Crisis Team offers free and confidential services to survivors of sexual assault regardless of age, gender & no matter how long ago the violence occurred: individual counseling, support groups, advocacy, accompaniments, prevention education, women and girl’s self defense classes, and information and referrals.

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS) is an independent, non-profit agency dedicated to promoting the rights and welfare of those who have survived or are enduring domestic and intimate partner violence or sex trafficking throughout Humboldt County. They provide many services to survivors; all completely free of charge.

Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) promotes the wellbeing of Humboldt students through outreach, consultation, educational and counseling services.


Under California law, any health practitioner employed in a health facility, clinic, physician's office, or local or state public health department or clinic (i.e. Student Health Center on campus) is required to make a report to local law enforcement if medical services are provided for a physical condition to a patient/victim who the practitioner knows or reasonably suspects is suffering from:

  1. A wound or physical injury inflicted by a firearm;
  2. Any wound or other physical injury inflicted upon a victim where the injury is the result of assaultive or abusive conduct.*

This exception does not apply to sexual assault and domestic violence counselors and advocates (e.g. Campus Advocate Team, North Coast Rape Crisis Team, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services). Health care practitioners should explain this limited exception to victims, if applicable.

Additionally, under California law, all physicians, psychotherapists, professional counselors, clergy, and sexual assault and domestic violence counselors and advocates are mandatory child abuse and neglect reporters, and are required to report incidents involving victims under 18 years of age to local law enforcement. These professionals will explain this limited exception to victims, if applicable.

Finally, some or all of these professionals may also have reporting obligations under California law to:

  1. Local law enforcement in cases involving threats of immediate or imminent harm to self or others where disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent the threatened danger
  2. To the court if compelled by court order or subpoena in a criminal proceeding related to the Sexual Misconduct, Dating or Domestic Violence, or Stalking incident.

If applicable, these professionals will explain this limited exception to victims.


*Assaultive or abusive conduct is defined to include a list of 24 criminal offenses, including Sexual Battery, incest, Rape, spousal Rape, abuse of a spouse or cohabitant, and any attempt to commit these crimes. See Cal. Penal Code § 11160.