TitleIX Team

Ariel Aaron

Benefits Manager

black man wearing glasses, grey suit coat, and a green bow tie. he is smiling.

Allan Ford

Associate Director of Outreach and Recruitment

white man wearing glasses and a light grey shirt with trees in the background

David Hickcox

Title IX Coordinator & DHR Prevention Administrator

Scott Kasper

Employee Relations and Compliance Manager

Donyet King

Donyet King

Director of Residence Life

white woman with shoulder length light brown hair, smiling, wearing a red shirt and black jacket

Pam Kirschner

Title IX and DHR Prevention Program Analyst

Stephen St. Onge

Stephen St. Onge

Associate Vice President of Student Success; Deputy Title IX Coordinator

smiling woman with long brown hair. she is wearing a grey sweater with rainbow stripes

Nicki Viso

Title IX Investigator and Clery Director