Prevention Efforts

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

CALCASA considers prevention an essential element of its activities. Sexual violence prevention goes beyond creating awareness of the issue and alerting community members of services available. It requires shifting the community norms that contribute to sexual violence, promoting the norms and behaviors that we want to see and participating in efforts to advance social justice.


CHECK IT launched at HSU in Feb. 2014. It is a student-led movement that is aimed at creating a more consent centered culture and empowering us to take action when we witness potential moments of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking in our community. It’s also about creating a community where we listen to, believe, and support survivors and make clear to those who choose to commit acts of harm that it's unacceptable.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)

ODEI is focused on systems change in support of equitable and inclusive learning and community spaces.  Examples of this strategic approach to dismantling institutional and systemic racism include involvement with ongoing training for all faculty, staff, and administrators as well as implementing new policy and revising inequitable practices that create institutional racism.  In addition to offering educational opportunities for the HSU community, ODEI supports the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff of color.

Finally, as a campus community ODEI's mission is to strive forward with asset-based equity, student success, and student-centered initiatives that create equity, value diversity and inclusion.

Ombuds Office

The HSU Ombuds service is open to all students, faculty, and staff. They offer a safe place to discuss problems or issues within the University, and can help you identify options for addressing specific concerns and resolving conflicts. Ombudspersons treat all inquiries as confidential (except as required by law or where there appears to be imminent risk of serious harm).

Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

HSU’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC) is comprised of faculty, staff, students, law enforcement, and community partners, including advocates from the North Coast Rape Crisis Team. The SAPC is working toward eliminating rape and all forms of sexualized violence. Their website works within a survivor-centered framework in order to prioritize the healing and safety of the survivor.

Students for Violence Prevention (SVP)

SVP is a learning community that stresses the importance of community, consent, respect, and supporting one another. Anchored by the national award-winning student bystander intervention program called CheckIT, it offers you the chance to develop skills in violence prevention and take courses from professors with expertise in non-violence and social justice. To learn more and apply, visit the SVP website.

University Police Department (UPD)

Officers are available to conduct escorts in special circumstances, or outside of the hours when student escorts are available. To request a safety escort, call (707) 826-5555. Blue lights are mounted near the outdoor courtesy phones for ease in locating them. This service is for escorts on-campus only.